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Solutions for Clogged Pumps by Simonds Machinery Co.

Clogged Sewage Pump Needing Solution in California

Are You Tired of Your Sewage Pump Clogging?

Manufacturers have been making “nonclog” pumps for over 50 years. In the past a typical sewage or waste water stream would primarily see “pee, poo, and toilet paper” and so a traditional non-clog impeller pump works fairly well. Over the last 10 years or so things have really changed. The waste stream has seen the advent of “flushable wipes,” plus clothing, plastic, rope – you name it. People are flushing things down the toilet that sewer systems and pump stations were never designed for.

There a number of different ways to handle this – chopper pumps, grinder pumps, recessed impeller pumps, and single-vane impeller pumps to name a few.

Chopper Pumps

Chopper pumps can and do work for this application. But they are the “expensive” way to handle this issue. More expensive up front…and more expensive to maintain as they require replacing the cutter, the wear plate, and sometimes the impeller on a regular basis. Think of it like a knife, or a pair of scissors…the cutting mechanism will get dull.

Grinder Pumps

Many people immediately ask for or think a “Grinder” pump as the answer. Grinder pumps were designed for low pressure sewer systems and high head applications. They work well with small diameter pipelines pumping over long distance. They were not designed for today’s waste stream and though there have been improvements in the “grinder” design, they still have parts that wear. Like chopper pumps they are more expensive up front and they have higher operating costs.

Recessed Impeller Pumps

Solids handling pumps that use a recessed or vortex type impeller often solve many clogging issues. The upfront costs costs are much less expensive than Chopper or Grinder pumps. You do not need to replace cutters…they are not as hydraulically efficient as tradition solids handling and thus a higher horsepower motor is usually required. They are one of our preferred methods for solving clogging pump issues.

Single-Vane and Two-Vane Impeller Pumps

The traditional single-vane and two-vane solids-handling or non-clog impellers have always worked well for traditional sewage waste. They are efficient, upfront costs are lower than cutter or grinders pumps, and the motor horsepower is lower than a recessed impeller pump. However they “newer” waste streams have wreaked havoc on this design

New Scroll Impeller Option

There is a new version of a single-vane impeller called the scroll impeller. Designed and developed by ShinMaywa Industries out of Japan, it was first proven to work in Japan over 10 years ago. The Scroll impeller is very efficient, and the solids handling capabilities are excellent when compared to all the options above. In actual operating conditions over the last 6 plus years here in the United States this impeller design has proven itself again and again. So although it’s technically not “new” it’s time that we make sure the rest of the pump users know that this pump solves clogging problems without cutting or grinding…two things that increase the cost of the pump, the pumping, the wear and repair.

With hundreds of installations in the US over the past 6 years the ShinMaywa pump impeller has proven to be the “crown jewel” of solid handling impellers that don’t rely on cutting, or grinder, or shearing.

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