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Pump Accessories in California

Your pump system is complex, full of moving pieces, parts, and accessories, such as seals, valves, gaskets, cover plates, and more. At Simonds Machinery Co. in Southern California, we know the ins and outs of pump systems and know that there’s a lot more to making your system function efficiently than just the pump.

Since 1905, we’ve been providing California, and now parts of Nevada, with ideal solutions, pump accessories and pump parts to make systems more efficient, less costly, and easier to maintain. Our goal is to help your business thrive and your pump systems run flawlessly. We’re dedicated to being the best in the region, and we don’t stop until we’re confident the job is done to our exacting standards.

OEM parts

Original Parts from The Equipment Manufacturer in California

Simonds Machinery Co. is an original equipment manufacturer for many leading brands in the industry across all various models and applications of pumps. We’re factory-certified to repair and replace brand-name pieces, and our pump accessories and parts are crafted to those brands’ rigorous expectations.

Whether you have a centrifugal pump, a submersible grinder, or a pressure sewage pump, we’ll perform unparalleled, expert repairs and replacements of accessories and parts to match your needs. Brands that we’re able and licensed to work with include:

  • Ampco Pumps Company
  • Barnes
  • Burks
  • Deming
  • Myers​
  • FLUX
  • March​ Pumps
  • Weinman
  • Zoeller
  • Conery
  • Alderon Control Panels
  • Szuster Valves
  • CM Controls
  • USF Fabrication
  • Steele Plastics
  • Matco Valves

Parts we keep in stock

Pump parts that we keep in stock in order to offer timely repairs and replacements of your systems are all leading brand models. Whatever piece you need for your pump system, we likely have it available and ready to install.
If we don’t already have it, we’ll procure one in a timely manner or point you to where you might be able to find it. Parts that we often keep in stock include bearings, seals, packing, and gaskets, but please contact us to determine if we have other parts you’re looking for.

Stocked accessories

Along with parts, we at Simonds Machinery Co. keep a full stock of many pump accessories for us and you to utilize when needed. Whether you need to replace an accessory or you’re looking to enhance the performance of your system, we have a solution for you that is durable, reliable, and of the highest quality.

Some of the accessories we keep in stock are valves, level controls, fiberglass/poly tanks, cover plates, and PVC piping. These accessories will help refine the operation of your pump system and keep it running at maximum efficiency.

At Simonds Machinery Co. based in SoCal, we strive to exceed your expectations with every service we do, no matter how big or small the job. If you’re in need of pump accessories or parts that will improve the way your pump system is functioning, one of our professional specialists or technicians can assist you in choosing the right part. Plus, we can install it for you.

Our work is powered by our unrelenting drive to provide world-class work and service to every customer, and we offer free estimates and consultations.

Reliability, accountability, and quality. Call today.
(650) 589-9900