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Pump Services and Repair

Industrial Pump

Protecting You Against Interruptions, Leaks, and Hazards

Since 1905, Simonds Machinery Company has been providing professional pump solutions that keep your operations running smoothly and protect you and your business against the costly risks of outages and spills. We serve all of California and northern Nevada.

Professional Services Tailored for You


Although many pumps are advertised as “plug-and-play”-ready, professional installation is still required to ensure safety, damage prevention, and efficient operation. Simonds Machinery Company specializes in foundation and baseplate preparation, lubrication, alignment, assembly, accessories, prestart checks, and startup safety. We also configure your pump to your preferred settings.
Our professional installation allows you to have complete confidence that your investment in an industrial pump system will last long-term and complement your operation’s requirements. 

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure that your pump system is working like new at all times, protecting yourself and your business against the risk of stoppages and catastrophic spills. We tailor our routine services to you and your system, and our packages include repairs, inspections, and upkeep, such as oiling and greasing and replacing parts under warranty.
We make it easy for you to have peace of mind with our hassle-free services. Moreover, we work at times that are best for you, avoiding workplace interruptions and keeping you running at full capacity.

Repairs and Refurbishment

Our team of professional technicians comes to you, offering the field repairs that you need to get your system back up and supporting your processes as quickly as possible. We are a factory-authorized repair center for many top brands, including Barnes, Burks, Deming, Graco, Myers, Prosser, Weinman, Zoeller, and more.
Safety – of our technicians, your employees, and the public – is our highest priority. We have honed our procedures for the past 100 years to repair your pumps efficiently, reliably, and with all possible care.

Inspections, Testing, and Consulting

Hand-in-hand with preventive maintenance plans, regular inspections are a wise way to minimize the risk of outages, leaks, and regulatory infractions. No one else can excel our vast experience and background with all types of industrial pump systems – we have seen it all. Many industry leaders rely on our team of professionals to provide performance testing and consulting.
Our team is fully bonded and insured, protecting you against the inherent hazards of pump repairs and maintenance. Our solutions are customized to make managing your business as easy as possible.