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One of our specialties here at Simonds Machinery is retrofit projects. We are well versed in converting pump systems that are 10, 20, 30 or 40 years old and modernizing your system to new equipment and current standards. We can often do this without you being out of service at all or for a very short period of time.
Our goal is to provide you with a modern, reliable system that will give you another 10 to 40 years of service. Please contact us if you have a system that has become unreliable and is in failing condition. We’ll provide a free evaluation and recommendations on whether it’s best to repair or replace.  
Please see our gallery of before and after pictures of some of our favorite projects.

Maximizing Your Investment

There are many benefits to retrofitting your existing pump system, including:
  • Extending the life span of your current equipment
  • Reducing your operating costs with more efficient upgrades
  • Decreasing the need for constant repairs
  • Saving you the cost, time, and interruption of installing a new system
We are here to help you. As you determine whether to install a new pump system or retrofit your existing unit, we can help you navigate your options and make the best choice for you, your business, and your budget.

Premium Quality Control

Our drive for 100% quality and reliability is relentless; put our proud legacy to work for you today.